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9/19/2013 9:29 PM: Abhishek: New subject “What you want to do to better this world?”
9/19/2013 9:30 PM: Chetash: Please Elaborate.
9/19/2013 9:33 PM: Abhishek: We do complain abt several issues in this world (system, Govt, corruption, Roads etc), so now the question is “What u want to do to make a difference in world for those changes”
9/19/2013 9:34 PM: Abhishek: Or in other worlds – What u can do to change (more like ur wishes and commitment).
9/19/2013 9:34 PM: Chetash: Strong policies need to be designed with result oriented for All.
9/19/2013 9:34 PM: Chetash: Follow the same with utmost discipline and transparency.
9/19/2013 9:34 PM: Abhishek: Tell us WHAT U CAN DO?
9/19/2013 10:20 PM: Rajeev: In my opinion first has to improve his own thought or quality or in other words first we need to ourselves if we really want to make change outside
9/19/2013 10:23 PM: Rajeev: It would have an practical example for me that change which I m looking forward is feasible or not, and if not that what additionally need to do
9/19/2013 10:24 PM: Rajeev: Also if U R good, to some extent people will also be good with U and vis a verse
9/19/2013 10:27 PM: Rajeev: Best example is an video which is put on our friends4 U site, it shows that how positive vibration it spread among the group
9/19/2013 10:31 PM: Abhishek: Correct Rajeev.
9/19/2013 10:31 PM: Abhishek: Then pls share with us What U can do for this world
9/19/2013 10:32 PM: Rajeev: I will look forward for small changes in daily routine and day to day life, small and as simple as doing some value addition to my colleagues, to make a person smile who is under depression, joy of giving etc.
9/19/2013 10:35 PM: Abhishek: Good One; Frankly everyone can make a difference only depend they wish or their own life is pretty enough for them.
9/19/2013 10:35 PM: Abhishek: So Rajeev, do this to ur satisfaction, and for others motivation.
9/19/2013 10:36 PM: Abhishek: Chetash, Shail and Nalin – what u say!
9/20/2013 6:25 AM: Nalin: I prefer to follow the task which we generally follow in other countries..
9/20/2013 6:26 AM: Nalin: Like not to spit, not to put garbage on road..to keep my country clean…
9/20/2013 8:09 AM: Chetash: We can donate to needy ones so as to change der life at least for a day/month.
9/20/2013 8:10 AM: Chetash: We can be son of parents who lives alone even they have child.
9/20/2013 8:10 AM: Chetash: We can make a patient feel like he is having whole life to enjoy when he is abt to die.
9/20/2013 8:10 AM: Chetash: All small small things matter a lot
9/20/2013 8:11 AM: Abhishek: Seems like a good start, but why u think u can’t or part of a permanent or long term solution?
9/20/2013 8:13 AM: Chetash: It can be a daily one if we associate yourself to some organization/ trust etc.
9/20/2013 8:14 AM: Abhishek: Ok, and u r associated with Trust “Friendsforyou”
9/20/2013 8:14 AM: Chetash: True I alone can’t but V all can.
9/20/2013 8:15 AM: Abhishek: But I believe U alone can do significant work.
9/20/2013 8:16 AM: Chetash: Same way it would be to Educate someone/ society.
9/20/2013 8:16 AM: Chetash: We can encourage organ donation post death as I did in ma grandfather’s case.
9/20/2013 8:17 AM: Chetash: Which can help others
9/20/2013 8:19 AM: Abhishek: Good one Chetash,
9/20/2013 8:19 AM: Abhishek: These things could make lot of and diversified effects.
9/20/2013 8:21 AM: Abhishek: Frankly firstly v don’t utilize our full potential in thinking, then whatever we think, we don’t implement more than fraction. Big lack.
9/20/2013 8:26 AM: Chetash: V can’t do big things but what v can surely do small things stop child labor…I can start from my side and from my servant son/daughter.