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10/3/2013 7:55 AM: Chetash: ” Means and ways to avoid Robbery/Chain Snacting towards early morning and only wid Ladies ” ….In my area it is heavily being done and mummy faced it off…
10/3/2013 8:00 AM: Abhishek: Chetash, Is that a subject?
10/3/2013 8:00 AM: Nalin: Stop wearing chain….no chain..no snatching??
10/3/2013 8:04 AM: Antim: True the only solution is no chain no snatching. Bcoz such snatching not only cost monetary but also hurts with serious injury, as snatcher don’t see whether its old women or young women.
10/3/2013 8:10 AM: Abhishek: What most they normally rob (other than Chain).
10/3/2013 8:15 AM: Chetash: Question here comes is der mindset/Instead of following True Path….Work hard to earn….Why they are following dis method ?? Where r various measures ?? Is that not wearing Jewellery the only option ?? Shud women ladies stop going to Pooja Early morning ?? Is dis illiteracy behind dis ??
10/3/2013 8:16 AM: Chetash: I just gave an example…..Real Example….
10/3/2013 8:17 AM: Chetash: Is CCTV camera an option ?? Not to give bail after a day?? Strict and hard actions ??? Or last but not least Increase Literacy/Employment for the people…
10/3/2013 8:18 AM: Chetash: Random Patrolling /Awaken Police….
10/3/2013 8:20 AM: Chetash: Abhishekshekbhai/Rajeeveevbhai/Nalinbhai/Shailbhai/Sandeepbhai/Antimbhai…..Got wat I wanted to convey ??
10/3/2013 8:51 AM: Antim: Ya I got your point and your argument is appropriate at quiet extent. My one of relative gold chain was snatched from their gate, CCTV footage was given to police but nothing happened, it remind me at now we have to be alert from such thing, maximum trying that if u r wearing valuable jewellery one should very much aware of any suspicious moment towards you. Illiteracy is not the only reason for such criminal activity, easy money easy earning is way which encourage to such crime plus Police are less interested to resolve such cases.
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10/4/2013 12:57 AM: Rajeev: Dear ankit welcome to friends for U group
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10/6/2013 6:27 AM: Chetash: Worry is a misuse of imagination.
10/6/2013 7:03 AM: Antim: Very true