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10/6/2013 9:48 AM: Abhishek: New subject guys – “why India is still Great (other than being our Home country)”
10/6/2013 9:50 AM: Antim: But was true msg
10/6/2013 9:51 AM: Antim: I don’t get what our subject is about, can u give little clarity
10/6/2013 9:51 AM: Antim: Abhishek
10/6/2013 9:52 AM: Abhishek: simply, Why v think India is still great.
10/6/2013 9:53 AM: Antim: I think it’s about neutral good things we have to say…
10/6/2013 9:53 AM: Abhishek: Go on
10/6/2013 9:55 AM: Antim: One thing I really like is still people are less money minded i.e. still relation are imp. Than money. Am saying less money minded bcoz still slowly slowly people are changing.
10/6/2013 10:08 AM: Abhishek: K, what else
10/6/2013 10:17 AM: Abhishek: Chetash sleeps early
10/6/2013 9:28 PM: Chetash: I think there are feelings , sentiments attached wid people, for people.
10/6/2013 9:30 PM: Chetash: Money is not given priority when at the other end there r relations….
10/7/2013 12:05 AM: Abhishek: How true this has remain, take a pause and think (especially for the real situation when help was needed)?
10/7/2013 12:10 AM: Rajeev: In my view it’s more of a attachment and emotional priorities and respect still given to our elders and near one by our people compare to any other nation, our culture has In rooted this thing in us from day one
10/7/2013 12:12 AM: Abhishek: It feels so good, but my friends priorities are changed, day by day people are more alone, more classes are created to differentiate to others, “What’s in for me” is the primary requirement. (Earlier regularities are becoming exceptions).
10/7/2013 12:43 AM: Antim: It’s true that earlier situation is not prevailing now, classes are created because of comparison and showing other down, people thinking are has been changed, self oriented thinking has done a lot for all.
10/7/2013 12:45 AM: Abhishek: Best thing always to dig and accept what’s our real situation and problems; this will be half way done. Then focus on diversified plan and unflinching executions.
10/7/2013 11:36 PM: Chetash: Friends just to share here in Ahmedabad it is raining heavily and I m also stuck up in one place waiting for clouds to get clear….Where I m standing beside me I m having one Dog shivering because of cold…Being Animal he was unable to say but was able to express that he is feeling cold as whole body of his was shivering….. I did not have anything wid me except Handkerchief…. And this is was I did….
10/7/2013 11:38 PM: Chetash: Feeling good as I did what I could….God Bless Him….
10/7/2013 11:39 PM: Chetash: I made this wood to move aside a bit and did put my handkerchief on him so as he can feel good and can have good sleep…
10/7/2013 11:39 PM: Abhishek: U did something that changes whole thing. Dog has ability to warm himself just needed some place (best in cornor).
10/7/2013 11:40 PM: Abhishek: Thanks for sharing.
10/7/2013 11:40 PM: Rajeev: Great chetash
10/7/2013 11:40 PM: Chetash: Thanx all for Inspiration that group provided.
10/7/2013 11:47 PM: Nalin: Good cheetash…
10/7/2013 11:54 PM: Antim: Good job yaar.