About Us

Know About "Friends 4 You"

‘Friends For You’ is a simple attempt to ensure every member get a chance to prove their life by giving hands to other’s necessity.

We consider, Believing in someone is as a ‘Friend’, and the only trust objective is to serve ‘Friend’. Our synchronized participations are defined under ‘Services’, and scheduled activities are categorized as ‘Projects’. You are welcome to associate by giving us a chance to assist in your need or team with us to help others.

What we can be assured of

  • Trust is not spoiled by political, diplomatic, networking, monetary benefits
  • You can proposal yourself to such a help
  • There are no difference in good beliefs and what is ultimately done
  • Transparency, and lack of miss-application of fund
  • Every project is meant to make a difference, than recognition


  • Rapid response to human issues- education, health, job, women insecurity
  • Monetary Pool- for financial hardships
  • Averting road blocks for the people wish to do productive help
  • A non-binding gesture to help

How we are funded?
The only way is sponsorship. Any true believer wishes to support any project could be a sponsor.

Could I run a project?
Yes, anyone irrespective of their monetary contribution may run project, subject to friendly Trust policies

Would I be shadow behind Trust?
No, Trust fully believes in publishing and leading contributors/members name behind a project

Still tell me “What is Friends For You”??

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